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Understanding Peanut Butter Co-Packer Services

We offer peanut butter co-packer services. We have the necessary infrastructure, equipment, and expertise to handle various aspects of peanut butter production, including ingredient sourcing, recipe formulation, mixing, blending, packaging, labeling, and quality control.

Benefits of Peanut Butter Co-Packer Services

  1. Cost Efficiency: One of the primary benefits of partnering with Lempat Foods as your peanut butter co-packer is cost savings. As co-packers, who have economies of scale, we often produce a wide range of products for different clients. This allows us to purchase raw materials in bulk, negotiate better prices, and utilize our resources efficiently. Brands that work with us as their co-packers can avoid hefty upfront investments in production facilities, machinery, and staff, thus reducing their operational costs.
  2. Expertise and Specialization: We have a dedicated production line exclusively for making peanut butter. We understand the intricacies of peanut butter production, from selecting high-quality peanuts to achieving the desired texture and flavor. Our expertise extends to adhering to industry standards, ensuring product consistency, and navigating regulations and certifications. By leveraging our knowledge, brands can produce high-quality products that meet consumer expectations.

3. Scalability: We offer scalability, a crucial advantage for growing brands. As demand fluctuates, we as your co-packers can adjust production levels accordingly, preventing underproduction or overproduction.

4. Time Savings: Developing and fine-tuning a peanut butter recipe, sourcing ingredients, setting up production lines, and navigating regulatory hurdles can be time-consuming. At Lempat Foods, we have established processes in place, allowing clients to bring their brand products to market faster. This is especially beneficial for time-sensitive product launches or seasonal variations in demand.

5. Quality Control: We have stringent quality control processes to ensure that each batch of peanut butter meets the highest standards. We conduct tests for flavor, texture, viscosity, and more to maintain product consistency. You can have confidence in the quality of our products without dedicating extensive resources to in-house quality control.

6. Reduced Risk: Developing and maintaining production facilities comes with inherent risks. Equipment breakdowns, ingredient shortages, and production bottlenecks can disrupt operations and harm a brand’s reputation. By outsourcing production with us as your co-packer, you can mitigate these risks and focus on marketing, sales, and product innovation.

7. Regulatory Compliance: The food industry is subject to stringent regulations to ensure consumer safety. We have the necessary records with the FDA.

8. Diverse Packaging Options: we can offer a variety of packaging options, including jars, bottles, and portion-controlled packaging. This allows your brand to choose to package aligned with your branding and target market preferences.

9. Focus on Core Competencies: By outsourcing production with Lempat Foods, you can concentrate on your core competencies, such as marketing, brand building, and customer engagement. This specialization can lead to more efficient and effective business operations.

Our state of the art FSSC 22000 certified facilities
FSSC 22000 Certified

The Food Safety Certification requirements provide a rigorous system to manage food safety risks and provide safe products for use by companies in the food industry.

FSSC 22000 is a GFSI recognized food safety certification. This allows our customers to have confidence in our food safety program and assure that  we have a rigorous food safety system in place.  FSSC 22000 defines requirements for integrated processes that work together to control and minimize food safety hazards.

FSSC 22000 is a fast growing certification scheme and has issued over 22,500 certificates worldwide. We are proud for being certified facility.

If you are considering taking your peanut butter business to the US market, there are a few important factors to keep in mind.

Firstly, peanut butter is a highly competitive industry in the US, so it’s important to make sure that you offer an excellent product to differentiate yourself. You’ll also need to ensure that your product is compliant with US food regulations and labeling requirements.

We have all FDA regulations covered, FSSC22000 certified, and offer kosher certification as well. 

We will take care of all steps for you: manufacturing, bottling, labeling, and logistics.

Even though we are located in Mexico, do not worry, you will do the pickup at our warehouse located in Laredo, Texas.


At Lempat Foods we know the demands of the international market, both in food safety and in the importance of delivery in the times agreed upon, we can assure you of our commitment and priorities with your company.

Our team will work hard to provide you with fast, quality and consistent results to meet all your copacker needs.

We also offer additional value-added services that will bring to you the most competitive and attractive product and brand achievement.

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